Russian Justice: now we know why Trump REALLY fired Prett Bharara

When it comes to Trump Jr scandal involving his Russian meetings to dig Hillary dirt, most media outlets have kept their focus on basic-non policy matters like “what did the President know and when did he know it?” or “just how many Russians attended Trump Jr’s meeting?” (FYI, already knows the answer to that one: there were a helluva lot more Russians who showed up Jr’s meeting than there were Americans who attended Papa Trump’s inauguration.) But this focus on the small details of these meeting may be overlooking…

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Trump: more campaign cash, more private prisons

Graph of incarcerated Americans 1920-2006

Willie Sutton was a 1950’s bank robber who famously declared it was worth risking prison (where he spent more than half of his life) to rob banks because “that’s where all the money is.” Today, Sutton would be surprised to learn that private prisons are now “where all the money is”—provided you own a prison company and were smart enough to give Donald Trump a fat donation. If making a fortune by owning a prison seems improbable to you, consider this: imagine every single resident of the City of Houston,…

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