“I’m the President and you’re not”—the Time Interview meltdown

While no one ever expected Donald J. Trump to wrest the title of “Honest” from Abraham Lincoln, thanks to Time, we now have alarming proof that he doesn’t just lie, Crooked Donald is utterly disconnected from reality.

By now you should know about Time’s now-notorious interview, a conversation that so appalled the editors of the Wall Street Journal, they not only called out 45’s falsehoods, they declared the tea-totaling Trump was clinging to a cherished lie “like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.”

Yet as damning as the Time interview was, lost in much of the coverage was why Trump agreed to his interview with the magazine’s Michael Scherer in the first place. Simply put, Time notified the White House they were doing a cover story on Crooked Donald’s inability to tell the truth and did anyone want to comment?

With a premise like that, you’d think every politician in the world would be smart enough to simply ignore the request or to at least tell Scherer that he could go…um, go away.

But not Trump: he not only picked up Time’s gauntlet, Trump at first declared that Time had a “cool” story idea that would prove he was always right predicting events.

As he usually does, Trump tried to bully his way over questions to take control of the interview. But Scherer was not to be sidetracked: As the interview continued and the questions got tougher, Trump insisted Time was going to “treat him horribly,” while putting his head on the cover to sell copies and that is why, Crooked Donald proclaimed, he holds the record for Time covers.

Even that was a lie: Richard Nixon has four times more Time covers than Trump. In the end, Time’s highly memorable cover asked “Is Truth Dead?” featuring an essay detailing the dangers of a president who can’t tell the truth.

If you didn’t read the essay, the interview itself had several disturbing examples why Crooked Donald can’t be trusted: First, was Trump’s usual dodge when caught in an obvious lie, like how Ted Cruz’s dad killed JFK or Obama ordered illegal wiretaps of his home—Crooked Donald wasn’t saying it himself, he was merely quoting respected sources, the National Enquirer in the first instance and a 9-11 “truther” for the second (also, Trump insists the rules of quoting stuff means he never has to apologize for anything that is wrong).

But most disturbing of all was how Trump insisted the only principle worth worrying about is “might makes right.” When Scherer backed him into a corner, Trump’s response it didn’t matter what the truth was, “the country believes me.”

And during the final meltdown, Crooked Donald’s only response was: “Hey look, in the meantime, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not. You know.”

In other words: “Nobody cares about the truth since I won the election.”

Well, Crooked Donald, you’re wrong about that too and this website will keep on exposing your real record.

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