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RT @SizzleBeauty: Katie Johnson was just 13 years old when she was abused by Trump. America demands justice for #KatieJohnson & the other 2… SizzleBeauty photo
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RT @LadyRaven3: Law Enforcement Officers: stand against our corrupt government! Do not allow your moral compasses to be compromised! Refus…
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RT @_Anunnery: @thehill #BREAKING: President Fascism reeling after receiving slightly mean reprimand from Centrist #Resistance Leader Pelos… edwood3 photo
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RT @BoycottUtah: It is Monday, July 15, 2019. One citizen, I call for the resignation and or impeachment of Donald J Trump as President of…
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RT @Veronicaromm: Monday is a great
day to start fresh.
Meet some new people 🤝
In the #Resistance
So it’s #FBR
Time ❗️⚡️

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RT @Splatzloki: Meanwhile, trumps father was arrested at a rally supporting the KKK.
Looks like the KKK doesn't fall far from the Nazi, and…