Show You Care About Trump’s Taxes, March on April 15th!

This Tax Day, April 15th, marches are planned in 138 American cities in 48 states (and even a few overseas) to demand that Crooked Donald finally release his tax returns to the American public.

If you want to find out more, just check out the website, for the location nearest you.

And because Trump is too chicken to reveal his returns, the chicken is the symbol of the march. So if you are marching, if you can get a chicken hat or any chicken-themed wearables, be sure to show your feathers.

The main march is in Washington, DC and will start at 12 noon at the Capitol and will march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Trump Hotel. And don’t think DC is the only place were the action is, this is a national movement. So this national march has gotten terrific local coverage in places like Los Angeles, Seattle and even Little Rock, Arkansas (check out Little Rock’s Twitter page if you need proof that America wants Trump’s returns released.)

Special recognition to the organizers in Chicago, who will march with a 33-foot-tall inflated chicken wearing a Trump hairdo—we’re not kidding.

In New York, many notable public officials are expected to attend, but no word yet if Sen. Chuck Schumer will be among them. Still, a special shout-out to Sen. Schumer for his work in demanding Congress pass legislation to require Trump to release his returns.

We will have more to say about all these efforts in later editions of Crooked Donald, but for now, let’s get ready to march this Saturday!

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