The President of the United States (A fully owned subsidiary of Trump, Inc.)

Thanks to the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigators at ProPublica, we have proof Crooked Donald has already violated his bogus “trust” that enables him to keep his tiny hands in his businesses as he runs America (into the ground, mostly.)

This is still a developing story, but here is what we know so far: when Crooked Donald announced his “trust plan” in January, critics insisted it was worthless in preventing conflicts of interest because chock full of loopholes. Under this scheme, Trump ostensibly resigned from his companies, claiming that he would have no role in decisions; he gave that power to his sons and personal attorney would run all 400 Trump companies and could report their decisions to Trump—in fact, Eric Trump accidentally disclosed in an interview last month he talks to his dad about business decisions all the time.

A true blind trust, as lawyers will tell you, involves a trustee who can report on the earnings to the beneficiary, but the trustee handles all the money and makes decisions without telling the trustee.

What Crooked Donald DIDN’T tell you was the plan released to the public could be changed at any time. Thanks to an amendment added to the document added in February, Crooked Donald can now get information about his accounts and use that information to withdraw money from any account he wants on demand—and he is NOT legally obligated to tell the public about these transactions.

In others words, it is possible for Trump to indirectly run his companies, including making government contracting decisions to benefit his businesses and then he can refuse to tell us taxpayers about how he might be manipulating our government for his profit.

Immediately, the “Crooked Donald make up a bunch of excuses committee” swung into action to protect the president. Both Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Brietbart falsely declared Trump’s agreement was never altered, then instead this was all “fake news” because other politicians who had blind trusts can get money whenever they ask. In typical Trump fashion, that argument is designed to fudge the real truth: sure, politicians with a blind trust can get money anytime they but they won’t know how it was earned and the must disclose those transactions to the public.

But Trump’s amended business agreement allows him complete information so he can exploit conflicts of interest and so he can hide his profits from the public. That’s the only issue—and one we’ll be hearing more about in days to come.

Also, Sean Spicer told another lie in his press conference, that ProPublica was a “left wing blog”—in fact, ProPublica is a foundation that has assembled a team of internationally recognized investigative journalists and they decided to respond to Spicer. You can click here for their response and we urge you do so—it is hilarious.

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