Trump’s top policy priority: Enriching Trump Inc.

They say you should go with what you know and that is especially true in the case of Crooked Donald. Because unlike the issues with his travel ban or his health care fiasco, Trump has issued at least one Executive order that went smoothly. According to Politico, Trump’s order making it easier to pollute lakes and rivers with fertilizer run-off was welcome news to America’s privately-owned golf courses.

As you might expect from a man who not only owns several golf courses, but is also spends at least a day (and often two) on the links each week, Trump stands to profit enormously. When asked for comment on the new rules, Henry Wallmeyer, the head of the trade association for private membership golf clubs was almost giddy over Trump’s presidency, especially with the news that unlike, other immigration categories, HB-2 visas will be untouched in a Trump administration—since HB-2 visa are mostly issued those seeking jobs like hospitality staff in hotels or groundskeepers at country clubs, you can probably guess why Crooked Donald wants more of those workers.

But it isn’t just golf, also big developers: violating his own ethics promises, Trump hired Geoff Burr, a top lobbyist for developers, to run the day-to-day operations of the Labor Department. Prior to that gig, Burr was fiercely lobbying to kill the Labor Departments rules to expand overtime pay, require disclosure of worker safety violations and provide data to ensure women were getting equal pay.

Five days after Trump took office, all these worker protections were dead.

And, as a current casino owner, Trump had already made the right moves: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced he will move against state’s that have internet gaming and he and his staff have long fought Native American casinos to the delight of big casino owners like Trump and Sheldon Adelson. Speaking of Adelson, a top lobbyist for the gaming industry, Michael Britt, was also picked to run the daily operations of a cabinet agency and the gaming industry couldn’t be more please

And the beat goes on…

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